Why would a worker want HR as an employer?

HR can provide exceptional employee benefits including health benefits, retirement savings plans, and aggressive workplace risk management. Job security is improved as HR's economies of scale permit a business to lower employment costs. Job satisfaction and productivity increase when workers are provided quality human resource service.

Does the business owner lose control of their business?

Absolutely not! The client retains ownership of the company and manages the day-to-day activities of the workers.

So, relax... we'll handle it for you. 

What's the difference between temporary staffing and a PEO arrangement?

A temporary staffing service provides workers to its business clients to meet temporary or longer-term staffing needs.
In a PEO relationship, all employees are full-time status, plus HR provides total employment services and human resources support to help its business clients maintain and sustain full-time existing workers and future hires.

How it works...
  1. HR Services Contract

  2. Employment relationship with/and responsibilities of HR

  3. Shared relationship and employer responsibilities

  4. Employment relationship with/and responsibilities of the client